About the work:

Laura Kiefer Designs is about well-considered, elegant forms that feel feminine and light while remaining sturdy through excellent craft. As a designer, I embrace color, form, movement and fun in the creation of tasteful, contemporary pieces for any occasion. My forms are often inspired by nature but seek to find the space beyond representationalism, often through exploratory experiments with simple shapes, to create a modern look for a modern woman.

About Laura Kiefer:

Laura Kiefer is a sculptor turned jewelry designer. Of her studio work, she says:

“My jewelry work has its roots in sculpture, where I first fell in love with materials and craft. I’ve always felt compelled to make work on an intimate scale that draws the viewer in, and jewelry takes that closeness one step further as it interacts with your body and your life in a very personal and accessible way.”

Laura Kiefer lives and works in Denver, CO.